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How To Wear Black In The Summer

When in doubt, wear black! Words I live by. We all have that go-to look we feel most comfortable, confident and ourselves in, and anyone who knows me knows that my go-to look is any head-to-toe black ensemble. But summer is here, and you know what that means—bright colors, fun patterns and a lot more skin!


Now don’t get me wrong, I love bright summer trends just as much as the next gal, but from time to time I miss rocking my favorite look. Many might think an all-black outfit is a no-no for the warmer months —yikes, too hot! But, I have one simple tip to help anyone wear an all-black outfit and still look and feel on-trend all summer long.

I’ve learned that the key to wearing an all black (or mostly black) outfit during the warmer months without overheating is making sure the cut and material of my outfit is summer-appropriate. My go-to all-black summertime ensemble has to be this look: 

Full Body

This ensemble consists of a simple strappy black top tucked into my favorite black culottes, paired with gold-accented black sandals and a chunky bright blue necklace for a pop of color.


The loose material makes it easy to move around in this outfit—even when spending all day in the sun! Plus, the cut makes the outfit totally season-appropriate. Like any all-black outfit, this look is easy to dress up or down for any occasion. I’ve worn this look shopping, out to lunch with the girls, to work (with a floral kimono so it’s office appropriate) and even out on a super sunny day trip to Union Market—truly a versatile and summer-friendly look.


Photo Credit: Katie Bryden

Check her out, she’s super talented!


Instagram: @ktbryden


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