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Microblading: Worth the Risk or Just a Trend?

Microblading seems to be the new lazy-girl it thing. From beauty bloggers to big-name celebs, loads of people are getting their brows semi-permanently filled in. Just think about it, waking up every morning with your eyebrows already on fleek —I totally get the appeal. Not to mention, every case of microblading I’ve seen has always turned out looking so natural and classy. Case in point: Bella Thorne — can you smell my envy?

As someone who’s usually down to try new things and loves all things beauty related, I’ve definitely considered microblading. Yet, there’s one thought that keeps stopping me from actually booking an appointment: trends change.

Remember back in the 2000’s when super thin brows were in? Sorry, I reminded you, I know you wanted to forget that ever happened. Well, back in the day I knew a handful of people who decided they were done filling in their brows, and got thin brows tatted on instead. I’m betting, with thick, natural brows being in style now, they probably regret this move.


Ok, granted, microblading is a natural-looking option that fades over time (very different from a permanent tatt), but that trend still haunts me. Not that I think (or want) thin eyebrows to ever go back in style, but it serves as a reminder that what’s trendy now, may not be so in a couple of years, or even in a couple of months for that matter. Just ‘cause its semi-permanent, doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to fully disappear by the time trends change!

Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind sometime down the road. Skipping filling in my brows everyday(ish) sounds pretty sweet! Until then, painting on my brows is one step in my beauty routine that’s just going to have to stay put.

“what’s trendy now, may not be so in a couple of years, or even in a couple of months for that matter”

If you’ve got your heart set on microblading, I only have one piece of advice for you: do your research! Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into! Good luck and may all of our best brow days be ahead of us!

Who out there’s gone through with microblading? Anyone still on the fence? Tell me about your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


Another big thank you to the talented Niki Waters for these amazing illustrations!

Check her out:

Illustrations: Niki Waters



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