I Put What On My Nose When I Get Sick?

People seem to be getting sick left and right, which isn’t surprising since we’re at the tail end of this year’s flu season. For me, the worst part about getting sick is dealing with the painful and irritated skin around my nose, courtesy of the constant nose-blowing. No matter what kind of tissue I use, the area under my nose always ends up super red, dry and sometimes even peels — ouch! To remedy this, I’ve started applying lip balm to the agitated area.

Yup, you heard that right. Unscented, non-tinted lip balm is my secret weapon to keeping my whiffer totally moisturized when I have the sniffles. Just apply the product over the irritated area, making sure to reapply generously as needed for the best results. Quick Tip: Lightly dab the balm onto your skin using a soft, disposable sponge to make the product appear invisible on your face. With this trick, your schnoz will be back to normal in no time!

Or, if you’re just on the cusp of getting sick and can feel your nose starting to get tender, you can also go ahead and use the balm to prevent the area from getting more agitated later down the line. My favorites for this hack are Nivea® Moisture Essential Lip Care and ChapStick® Classics Original.

“With this trick, your schnoz will be back to normal in no time!”

You might still be wondering — why lip balm? To tell you the truth, other products just haven’t had the same healing effect as my fave lip balms. For example, petroleum jelly tackled the redness and dryness, but not so much the peeling. Ultimately, it took a while before my nose was peel-free and back to its natural state when using this option. I use petroleum jelly for a handful of remedies, but it’s not my go-to for this.

I’ve also tried aloe vera, which works wonders for soothing virtually any skin issue. Yet, I discovered that this probably isn’t the best option if you’re heading back to work or out running errands. Aloe vera didn’t disappear on my face like balm does, leaving behind a sheen residue — not the best look.

Lip balm is fast-acting, super moisturizing and easily blends into the skin without leaving a trace — a triple threat! So the next time you’ve got a bit of a runny nose, pick up some lip balm! Just remember to toss it out after you’re all well — you wouldn’t want to reinfect yourself, now would you?

What about you, do you have any sick day beauty hacks? Share them in the comments below!


Photo Credit: Lucas Bejarano

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