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The One Product You Didn’t Know You Needed This Spring

All winter long, our feet have been buried in knee-high boots, wrapped in fuzzy socks and hidden away from the winter’s cold. Well guys, spring has officially arrived, and you know what that means — wedges, sandals and peep-toes galore. Finally, our tootsies can breathe again, but are our feet really prepared for that type of exposure? If there’s one product that can take our feet from winter blues to springtime fresh, it’s The Body Shop® Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub.

I’ve been a fan of this product for ages, and it especially comes in handy right before spring when my feet are most neglected. What I love about this product is that it only takes one use to see major results. It instantly eliminates dead skin, buffs and softens tough spots and to top it off, has the most calming peppermint scent. Use this product to give your feet a much needed deep cleanse, and continue to use it (as needed) throughout the spring and summer to maintain soft and hydrated skin. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest mall to cop this must-have — trust me, your feet will thank you.

What products get you jumping into the spring spirit? Let me know in the comments below.


Thank you to the talented Niki Waters for this amazing illustration! Check out more of her work here:

Illustration: Niki Waters



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