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Mark Your Calendars, Em Cosmetics is Making a Comeback!

Yup, you heard that right — world-renowned makeup phenomenon Michelle Phan (also known as ‘RiceBunny’ by her loyal Youtube fanbase) is re-launching Em Cosmetics on April 17, featuring an entirely new, swoon-worthy line. Get excited!

Why the need for a re-launch?

ICYMI — here’s a brief history of the Em Cosmetics brand.

Phan completely embodies the definition of a beauty guru’s dream come true — not only did she build a loyal (and large) fanbase on Youtube, but she also started beauty website, Ipsy, and created ICON Network — a website focused on lifestyle content. Talk about a boss! So, it’s no surprise that industry heavyweight, L’Oréal, approached Phan to collaborate on a makeup line — she accepted, and Em Cosmetics was born.

The brand initially dropped in 2013, however it wasn’t met with glowing reviews. According to WWD, one possible reason for why the company lacked success was due to its pricing —  the products may have been too expensive for the brand’s young target demographic.

Fast forward to today, and a lot has changed. Ipsy recently bought back Em Cosmetics from L’Oréal, and Phan has been working tirelessly to reinvent the brand. The new-and-improved Em Cosmetics now sports a fresh, geometric logo, chic packaging and a completely revived line.

What products to expect

The original brand housed blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows and more. This time around, Em Cosmetics focused on perfecting two products for their grand re-opening. Phan used her Youtube channel to ask her audience what kind of products they most wanted to see from Em Cosmetics‘ rebirth, and there was a huge demand for lipsticks (more specifically, they wanted a quality product that was also affordable).

Ask, and you shall receive! Em Cosmetics will soon release their Infinite Lip Clouds line ($16) — a fabulous and affordable lip collection that comes in eight rich shades, ranging from a deep, cosmic blue to an earthy, burnt orange. The brand will also debut their Illustrative Eyeliners ($15) — a liquid liner that will be available in two tip options: a felt and brush tip.

Twitter is buzzing over these new products, and it’s not even the 17TH yet — second time’s the charm! If you’re itching for more info on the products before they officially drop, visit their Facebook page — it should hold you over till the site goes live.

What Em Cosmetic products are you excited to pop in your shopping cart? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Thank you to the lovely and talented Niki Waters for this amazing illustration!

Illustration: Niki Waters



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