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4 Easy Tips To Help Eliminate Foot Odor This Summer

Keeping your feet fresh during the summer is no easy feat (pun intended).  As much as we hate to admit it, the hotter the season, the stinkier the feet. Yuck! Not to worry, though, you can easily avoid embarrassing foot odors this season by following these simple rules:

Exfoliate Regularly

The easiest way to keep your feet from stinking up a room is by keeping them clean! Exfoliate regularly (around once every two weeks, or as needed) to keep your tootsies smelling good and looking polished. Check out this holy grail foot scrub featured in a previous post, The One Product You Didn’t Know You Needed This Spring. P.S. — It works just as great all year round.

Aim for Open-toe Shoes

The more your feet can breathe, the less they’ll sweat. Reaching for sandals, flip-flops and strappy slip-ons will help keep your feet cool and stink-free all summer long. So, go ahead and show off that pedicure while you still can!

Wear the Right Kind of Socks

Sadly, open-toe shoes aren’t appropriate for every setting. You’re probably not going to show up to your next spin class in your favorite summer wedges. When you do have to wear closed-toe shoes, make sure to pair them with the right kind of socks, because the material makes all the difference. Opt for socks that include “Moisture Wicking” on the label — these socks are designed with materials that do a better job of keeping your feet dry. Moisture wicking socks tend to be a little more pricey, but they are definitely worth the investment.

Keep Your Shoes Fresh with Dryer Sheets

No matter how clean your feet are, if your shoes smell funky, then your feet will, too. It’s good practice to regularly wash your shoes, but let’s face it, not every single pair of kicks are washer/dryer-friendly — AKA your go-to white, faux leather sneaks. Eliminate any built-up odor by popping a couple dryer sheets in your shoes while they aren’t being used (for added freshness, use a floral scented option). And voilà, good as new!

Got any well-kept secrets for keeping your tootsies fresh during the warmer months? Share them in the comments below.


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