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I Tried A Bar Shampoo And Conditioner, Here’s What Happened!

Chances are, if there’s a more sustainable product or practice, I’m usually willing to give it a try. So, when I stumbled upon a short video by ‘In The Know’ about Lush’s waste-free shampoo bars, I was instantly intrigued. The bar comes with zero plastic packaging — a simple solution to a serious problem! 

On the other hand, I’ve also found that many (but not all) environmentally-friendly products don’t always perform as well as their counterparts, which is kind of a bummer. This got me thinking; do bar hair care products actually work as well as liquid shampoos and conditioners? I put it to the test!

Over the span of two weeks, I tried out a bar shampoo and conditioner from Lush (while keeping the rest of my hair routine the same). Keep reading to see what I loved, what didn’t suit me, and most importantly, the end results.

Picking The Right Products

I usually like to shop online, but when it comes to buying new beauty products I like to purchase in-store. I find that salespeople share a lot of valuable information that you don’t always find on websites — from how to properly store the products, to which option is best for you.

Godiva ($12.95)

My main area of concern was my dry, itchy, and even at times, flaky scalp (courtesy of this extra cold winter). For this, the salesperson helping me recommended I try Godiva ($12.95), a super enriching bar shampoo that leaves hair glossy, healthy and smooth. Secondly, my naturally wavy hair comes with a hefty helping of frizz. To tackle this, the salesperson recommended Jungle ($11.95), a softening and taming bar conditioner.

Jungle ($11.95)

How It Works

There are two ways you can apply this product. The first is by lathering the bar in your hands, then applying the suds to your hair. Or, you can scrub the bar directly on your roots, hair and/or ends. It’s really up to you, do what feels right.

Suds Layout.jpg
Left: Godiva, Right: Jungle

PS — Make sure to store your bars in a dry space to prevent them from breaking down or melting when not being used (definitely not what you want when you’re spending over $10 a pop).

Initial Thoughts

I’ve got some good news and some bad news…

The Good News

Not going to lie, I thought that using a bar to wash my hair after a lifetime of using liquids was going to feel strange, but Godiva was a breeze. It lathered up instantly in my hands and was easy to apply to my roots. I also found that I didn’t need much product to get the job done — a major plus in my book. Not to mention, it smells UH-MAZING!

The Bad News

Jungle, on the other hand, was a challenge. I had a hard time getting Jungle to lather — I tried both application techniques, and neither worked. This made it difficult for me to get enough product on my ends, which ultimately made my hair feel dry and unhealthy, almost as if I wasn’t conditioning at all.

After just three washes, my hair could not take it anymore. I decided to still continue on with the two-week test, but instead, I paired Godiva with my usual go-to, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Conditioner ($4.99). Sorry Jungle, three strikes and you’re out!

With this switch, Godiva really got a chance to shine and I began to see some serious changes in my hair. Which brings me to the next section, the results.


When it comes to Godiva, I have nothing but praise. This product did everything it claimed it would, and then some.

Before and After.jpg
Left: Before, Right: After — Both images were taken after heat styling

Bye-Bye Dry Scalp

First up, let’s talk about the main problem I initially wanted to tackle: relieving my dry, itchy scalp. I am beyond ecstatic to share that after this experiment, I found that my scalp was no longer dry, itchy or flaky. Godiva did a stellar job of cleaning my hair without stripping my scalp of its natural oils. No other product or brand has given my roots this much relief, especially in such a short period of time. I’m beyond impressed!

Healthier and Stronger Locks

I’ve tried my fair share of hair care products that claim to make hair stronger, shinier and healthier. Keyword: ‘claim’. None have actually had a noticeable effect on my hair whatsoever. That is, until now. I’m honestly so shocked by how healthy and moisturized my hair has become thanks to Godiva — I can actually see and feel a difference. I think it’s safe to say, I’m in love with this bar.

Tamed My Natural Waves

Another concern I wanted to address was my frizz. Although I was originally relying on Jungle to take care of this issue, Godiva did not disappoint.

Not only did Godiva make my hair healthier and stronger, but it also left my natural waves tight, glossy, and far less frizzy. As the weeks progressed, I found myself reaching for my hot tools less and less. I love being able to confidently rock my natural do — it’s one less thing to do in the morning and far less damaging in the long run.

Final Verdict

Would I repurchase these bars? As you can probably guess, my answer is yes and no. I would definitely repurchase Godiva, no question about it. Not only is it a great waste-free alternative, but it straight up works miracles! I have been using this product on the reg ever since this experiment, and my hair is all the healthier for it. I’m telling you guys, this is the stuff of the future.

As for Jungle, I’m sad to say I would not repurchase this product. But that doesn’t mean I’m totally turned off by bar conditioners altogether. If I can find a bar conditioner that works for my hair, I’d happily ditch bottled conditioners for good. But until I find my perfect match, I’m going to stick to my usual go-to liquid conditioner.

Have you tried bar shampoos or conditioners? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Images by: Lucas Bejarano and Erica Dawn

One thought on “I Tried A Bar Shampoo And Conditioner, Here’s What Happened! Leave a comment

  1. I started using lush bars last year for my trip to the philippines. I tried the soak and float which smells SO good and worked perfectly in the PI but here, not so much. My hair would get oily too fast and i was trying to wash my hair less… i do use the jungle, it is hard to get in my hair but i somehow do, let it sit, then rinse. I hope its working how its supposed to lol

    I tried seanik but my bf said it reminds him of urinal thingies so we arent getting that anymore. That was nice on my hair too..

    I recently got jumping juniper. This cleans off a lot of oil and has less flaking and dandruff… since ive been washing my hair less, i actually waited 4-5 days to wash it again and it was not overly oily, wow. My hair also gets tangled easily and im soooo amazed at how not tangled it gets by the end of day 1 going into day 2. I use jungle still and hope its enough. Ill probably incorporate coconut oil in my routine if this becomes an issue.

    Cuz i dont wash my hair often, the bars have lasted me maybe 3-4 months at a time so i aint mad. They are pricey but between me and my bf, we make em last a while. Yay!


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